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  • Directors of Pharmacy for Long Term Care Facilities

The NY Directors of Pharmacy for Long Term Care is a group comprised of Directors of Pharmacy who operate in-house pharmacies in long-term-care and health -related facilities as well as former Directors of Pharmacy that are now engaged in private practices that involve consultant pharmacy.

This group provides a very unique skill set that involves a combination of both hospital and community pharmacy practices; Not only is there a very high level of clinical and institutional pharmacy knowledge, this group are also experts in adjudicating claims, performing prior authorizations and formulary management.

All members of the NY Directors of Pharmacy either chair Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committees or are integral members of such committees and are involved in formulary management, laws and regulations in pharmacy practice, controlled substance management as well as NYDOH guidelines.

Because of their unique skill set they are able to provide guidance to prescribers on therapeutic alternatives, dosage equivalents and cost containment as it relates to the patient population they serve.

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Jonathan Shaatal, MS, RPH, FASCP
President - NY Directors of Pharmacy for Long Term Care
Director of Pharmacy - Four Seasons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
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